Friday, August 8, 2014

That Time I Wasn't on the Katie Couric Show

The day began like any other day. But it quickly changed when a producer from the Katie Couric Show contacted me about being on the show for a segment on working moms.

I love Katie Couric. She is talented, gorgeous, an example for women, and working moms. The prospect of sitting down with her and discussing work-life issues and motherhood sounded like an amazing opportunity.

I was flattered that my writing and advice on juggling work and family life led the producer to my blog. She asked if I would go on the show to discuss my perspective as a working mother in today's society where we are always connected to our electronics and obsessed with social media. Of course I said yes.

At some point during our conversation my heart stopped racing from excitement long enough for me to reach for a pen and start taking notes.

I proceeded to jot down every word she uttered, determined not to miss anything.

Phrases like "need to send a crew to film in your house for about 2 hours" and "we will send you and your family to NYC the night before so you can arrive in the studio early the next morning for the 10 a.m. taping" spilled across my paper in black ink with numerous exclamation points and heavy underlining.

I asked a lot of questions, then it was her turn. What was a typical day like at our house? Who did most of the cooking? Who got L. ready for school in the morning? She asked me about my job and how I managed to have a healthy work-life balance. She also discussed what sound bytes they wanted when they filmed in our home.

The producer ended the call by telling me she was going to find a film crew in Baltimore to send to our house before we needed to be in NYC for the studio taping in a few days.

Tell me, what is the very first thing you would do after receiving a call like this? To be on Katie Couric's show?!

I went straight into prep mode. I wrote down everything that was racing through my mind from the call, all the thoughts I had about how moms are expected to juggle so much, the pressure we place on ourselves, the lack of paid family leave options in the U.S., the way our electronic devices can rule our lives if we don't unplug regularly.

I immediately purchased the kindle version of the book the producer told me about on the call, Overwhelmed by Brigid Schulte (which was excellent by the way).

I made a list of all the things I needed to do (outline my talking points, pick a flattering outfit, get a haircut) and the stuff I wanted to do (completely redesign the blog, paint the wall in the kitchen where L. doodled spirals with his markers). Then I wrote a name next to each item on the list, of people who I knew I could ask for help.

Those next few days were hectic, but I was driven by adrenaline and excitement. After work and putting L. to bed each night, I stayed up until the wee hours of morning writing.

Stephen set up a meeting with his PR person to discuss how to talk about his employer during the filming, he got a haircut, bathed the dog.

I called my friend who graciously volunteered to be my publicist (wait, what, a publicist?!). She knew just what to do, and pulled together a list of questions for me to clarify with the producer before leaving for NYC.

But then...

As the title of the blog post forewarns, it turns out I never did go on the show. Here I was with a clean house, fresh haircut (thank you Jama over at Morgan Gerard!), waiting for a call about a film crew to show up at our home any minute, and nothing.

I called the producer. I emailed. But no response.

Question after question pinged around in my brain, trying to figure out what happened. Did they cancel the segment altogether or just go a different direction? Ironic that the point was to discuss the issue of Moms today being overwhelmed and I spent the days that followed feeling exactly that.

The date that I was supposed to go on the show came and went.

I was crushed. Self doubt crept in. Did I talk too much on my call with the producer that she didn't think I would be good enough for the show? Was it because I was not immediately available that very day that she called?

And now...

Although I'm sorry Katie's show ended, I'm psyched she has a new gig with Yahoo and about her recent marriage (her wedding photos were stunning!). I am flattered that I was asked to be on the show at all. It was a compliment to know someone at that level was paying attention to my blog. Although I was disappointed with the outcome, it gave me a little extra pep to keep blogging and sharing my experiences.

For other bloggers who find themselves in a similar situation, relish the moment, even if it doesn't work out for you because chances are it worked out for someone else.

What I learned from my experience is that you never know where your writing will lead you. Perhaps to a cool story to share one day.

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  1. Maybe the whole point of this disappointing fire drill was to just get a haircut, paint the kitchen wall, and make a list of people who love you!?!?! :)

    Love the new blog design and super LOVE you!

    1. Thanks Marley! My haircut was amazing. I never did get around to painting the wall - ha! But with Mom and Dad coming into town soon, maybe that will be the ultimate motivator. Even though it didn't work out, it was a cool experience to be asked, and with show biz, I guess that's just the way it goes.

      Glad you like the new design, I love you too!

  2. Wow! What a letdown! Sorry about that! The good news is that clearly you're getting people's attention with your writing! Write on!

    1. Write on --- love it. We might need to make a new quote image - "If Your TV Appearance Doesn't Work Out, Keep Calm and Write On." It's catchy! Thanks for your constant support and encouragement Justin.

  3. Ohhh so close, yet so far!! At least you have a fab new hair-do huh!

    1. Thanks SJ! It was pretty cool, great haircut and motivation to write on :)

  4. Wow! What a great experience - and what a let down! Good for you for choosing to look at the bright side!