Friday, January 24, 2014

The Latest Addition to Our Bedroom...

This monstrous contraption of a rowing machine (or an ergometer as my hot shot rowing coach brother-in-law would correct me) has found its way from our garage into our bedroom. As much as I tried to use the erg when it was in the garage, I just couldn't. My husband rowed in there like he was rowing for James Van Der Beek in the movie Backwards. But for me, it was too hot, then too cold, too close to the lawn mower, which smelled funny, I had to move the car to access it... I could go on with the list of excuses I made up not to use it, but then something happened.

My doctor suggested I chill with my exercise routine, take some time off from high-intensity interval training and the TRX, stop logging miles on my fitness tracker, and swap my twice weekly pilates class with yoga, or even better, meditation. Medi-what?! What about the boot camp classes I loved to take with my favorite workout buddy? How about the endurance I had just spent an entire month to build up with those 60-minute non-stop cardio-weight trainings?! All those years of practicing pilates! These are the thoughts that ran through my head. In other words, denial and anger.

Next came my reluctant acceptance. After all, this new fitness plan would only be temporary (repeat mantra).

So I blocked out time on my calendar to go to mediation class during lunchtime at my office (I am pretty fortunate my company even offers this!). I committed to my physical therapy routine. I also added reminders to my calendar to try the beginner yoga class at my gym.

And, back to the erg, I asked my husband to lug it into our bedroom so I could do some light cardio at home. I knew removing some of the barriers to using the erg (physical and emotional, as mentioned above) would help me actually use it, and I hope I'm right. Although my new fitness plan isn't intense as my old one, maybe I'll actually relax. Wish me luck!

Breathe in, breathe out. It's only temporary.

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  1. Row! Row! Row! Could we label this "visual motivation?" I realized that if I re-located my free weights next to the basement door, I would be more likely to lift the weights each time I let the dogs outside to do their business. It's all about convenience, just don't trip over the erg in the middle of the night! :)

    1. So true! It is all about removing the barriers and building fitness (even 1 minute of it!) into your everyday life. At the end of the day those few minutes or extra steps can add up to a lot.