Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back to School, Notebook in Hand

school supplies
It's hard to believe that summer is almost over. Our son's summer camp is coming to an end, he had his last swim lesson this week, and his Fall session at school starts up in a few days, so needless to say it's been a bit hectic around here. What else is new!

When I picked my son up from school yesterday, his first question was, "Where's Daddy?". Actually, it was his first through 20th question I'm pretty sure. So instead of explaining that Daddy was at school and his school is different than L's school (no snacks or sandbox!), or going through the routine of explaining how Daddy wouldn't be home until well after his bed time, we did something special instead.

Thanks to Penny Wise Office Products, we crafted a message in a new Mead notebook that's fit even for a Dad to tote back-and-forth to class.

We gathered up the office supplies from Penny Wise --- Mead notebooks and an assortment of Fiskars scissors (including some snazzy leopard print ones for me!), along with some old National Geographic magazines, good ole fashioned glue, and markers. L picked the pictures he wanted help cutting - an alligator and a surfer riding a wave and we glued them to the inside of the notebook along with a note that's a personal joke between L and his Dad, and viola, within the confines of a 2.5 year old's attention span, we had a cool surprise for Daddy!
child, notebook, scissors, glue

L was very proud to have been able to use the Fiskars kid scissors on his own (they are blunt tipped of course!). Interestingly, he still favors his left hand for some tasks, perhaps he'll be ambidextrous like my Mom, or maybe he's still just figuring it all out.

Speaking of back to school gadgets, I might be tempted to take this little fella into my office since L can't seem to keep his hands off it! He has even gone as far as to walk around the house holding hands and singing to the Purell Pal.... will I be able to break up this newfound friendship for the sake of less germs at the office?
child, purell pal

Go ahead and "like" Penny Wise Office Products on Facebook to score some great back-to-school gear! The owner Kathryn helps busy people across the country stay organized, and as a mother of four, she certainly has some great tips and can help you plan ahead before schoolwork and paperwork take over your home.

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  1. He's so focused on making sure Daddy get's the BEST notebook! Such a great idea Jes!

    1. Thanks Marley - he had fun and loved being able to use scissors like a big boy. Stephen was surprised by the cute notebook!

  2. Cute project. I have to admit, I'm addicted to hand sanitizer too! :)

    1. As a teacher, I imagine you use it a lot. Kids are the best, but the germs!!!