Friday, March 8, 2013

You Know You Live with Boys When...

Here are three examples from this week that highlight the fact that I live in a house with boys, you know, just in case I had forgotten. Well technically, one is a man, the other is a boy. So, you know you live with boys when...



They are always trying to see where things fit...
Headphones in a keyhole? Why not?



The hubs was apparently so bleary eyed one morning that he dropped the toddler off at school and handed his teacher this jacket...
Yes. That's a size 3T puffer jacket with MY underwear and a wool sock stuck to the Velcro. You can guess who picked him up that day by the blurriness of the photo from my iPhone (I was shaking from laughing so hard and grateful that I got new undies recently).



For which there is no photo, so you'll have to trust me on this one, is when your toddler yells "I pee down stairs!" as in he had literally peed down the steps in our house. His father? Laughed with pride and didn't clean it up.


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  1. ahahahahahahah Wow Jessica, I am not really sure what I would have done with the jacket/preschool issue.
    I know I moved in with a boy when I walk around the house and find cups everywhere, bedroom, living room, all where used for sweet tea and unless I pick them up they will forever be absent from the kitchen... then he wonders why there are none in the cabinent.... boys are silly

    1. Boys ARE silly! LOL re: the cups.